Made By Breaux Photography

Made By Breaux Photography

Monday, October 24, 2016

Designs By Breaux T-Shirts

The New T-Shirt Designs
Designs By Breaux also has a T-Shirt line coming out in 2017 stay tuned!!
These are a few of the designs that will be rolling out.

The BRAND new Made By Breaux!!

The Brand Shoot

Made By Breaux is in the midst of a company reorganization, with that being said we have orchestrated some shoots to fit the new look.
Meet Adreanna and Arianna.

Made By Breaux

The Brand Tree

Made By Breaux is formed by the contributions of three divisions Made By Breaux Photography, Weddings By Breaux, and Designs By Breaux.  Each division represents one third of the overall brand.  Made By Breaux is a brand defined by sophistication, style, and innovation.  We stand behind our product and we guarantee excellence.  The company is owned and operated by Edmond and Taihirah Breaux.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Ibloguration

Made By Breaux is a multimedia company that was started in the beginning of 2016 by photographer Edmond Anthony Breaux Jr.  He started the company to display his vision and create a Brand that represented his artistic and creative mind.  Made by Breaux is the epitome of class and style.  We believe that style is in the eye of the creator, your style is what makes you unique, your style is what you have to give to the world and add to this beautiful picture being painted.  We don't need another you, we need THE YOU, the you that was made for a purpose to carry this world forth to it's next phase of evolution.  Made by Breaux is built on your uniqueness and our mission is to shine a light on it's beauty.

When Life Happens Memories are MADE!